CHWS DSRIP PPS Workforce Assessment

Welcome to the Center for Health Workforce Studies’ website for the completion of the DSRIP Required Workforce Survey on behalf of NewYork-Presbyterian Performing Provider System and NewYork-Presbyterian Queens Performing Provider System.

The purpose of this site is to provide access to the DSRIP PPS Workforce Survey and supporting documents that will provide guidance around completion of the 2019 workforce survey.

The Center for Health Workforce Studies (CHWS) has been working with The NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and NewYork-Presbyterian Queens PPSs to develop a workforce survey that collects the necessary data to support NYSDOH-mandated DSRIP deliverables.

NYSDOH is requiring collecting workforce data by facility type, and, therefore, you must complete one survey for each facility type within an organization. For example, a mental health organization with both inpatient and outpatient services would need to complete two surveys. Additionally, a community-based organization delivering Article 16 (OPWDD), Article 31 (Behavioral Health), and other non-licensed day programs would need to complete three surveys. If you are unsure of your facility type or how many surveys you will need to complete, please check with CHWS.

If your organization is affiliated with both The NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and NewYork-Presbyterian Queens PPSs, you only need to complete one survey for each facility type to meet the requirement.

Survey Submission Instructions and Deadline:

Survey Deadline: November 30, 2019

Please submit completed survey(s) to Do not submit survey(s) to The NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital or to the NewYork-Presbyterian Queens PPS staff. 




Webinar on Workforce Survey Instructions:


Technical Assistance:

CHWS is providing ongoing technical assistance throughout this process. Contact Kris Stiegler at (518) 402-0250 or with any questions that cannot be answered through the information on this website. Please do not contact the PPSs directly.