Glossary/List of Acronyms

ARC: Appalachian Regional Commission
DANY: Doctors Across New York
H-1B Visa: A 3-year (6 max) federal work exchange visa program for skilled professionals
HPSA: Health Professional Shortage Area; designations that indicate health provider shortages in primary care, dental health or mental health
HRSA: Human Resources and Services Administration
IHS: Indian Health Services
J-1 Visa: A federal work exchange visa program for foreign students and their dependents
Loan Forgiveness/Repayment: grant or payment made to working health professional to assist with student loan debt return
MUA/P: Medically Underserved Area/Population
NHSC: National Health Service Corps
OMH: Office of Mental Health
PCSC: Primary Care Service Corps
Scholarship: Grant or payment made to student to subsidize cost of education (tuition, fees, etc.) while in pursuit of degree or training in healthcare field
Service Commitment/Obligation: Contractual work agreement between financial aid recipient and funder