Service Obligated Programs Database

New York State Primary Care Service Corps

Summary:The New York State Primary Care Service Corps Loan Repayment Program is a service-obligated loan repayment program that is designed to increase the supply of certain clinical practitioners in health professional shortage areas.

Agency:New York State Department of Health

Sponsor:New York State

Program Type:Loan Repayment

Length of Service:Two year full-time or four year half-time commitment, with an option for one additional year

Type of Designation Required:Primary care, dental health, or mental health HPSA

Minimum HPSA Score Required:N/A

Place of Service Obligation:Eligible site in designated HPSAs

Health Professionals Supported:Advanced practice nurses, nurse midwives, dental hygienists, dentists, licensed mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists, physician assistants (primary care and behavioral health), psychologists, and licensed clinical social workers

Additional Information:The initial obligation is two years, and the practitioner’s contract may be extended for three additional renewal periods of one year each depending on availability of funding.

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