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Langelier MH, Glicken AD, Surdu S. Adoption of Oral Health Curriculum by Physician Assistant Education Programs in 2014. J Physician Assist Educ. 2015;26(2):60-69.

This study was undertaken to ascertain the number of PA programs teaching oral health topics and to evaluate the content of instruction and implementation strategies. A previous study in 2008 found that PA education program directors generally understood the importance of teaching about the linkage of oral health with systemic health; yet, few programs had actually integrated oral health instruction into the PA curriculum. The purpose of the study was to describe inclusion of didactic and clinical instruction in oral health in physician assistant (PA) education programs in 2014.

Boulton ML, Beck AJ, Coronado F, et al. Public health workforce taxonomy. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 2014; 47(5):S314-S323.

Thoroughly characterizing and continuously monitoring the public health workforce is necessary for ensuring capacity to deliver public health services. A prerequisite for this is to develop a standardized methodology for classifying public health workers, permitting valid comparisons across agencies and over time, which does not exist for the public health workforce. An expert working group, all of whom are authors on this paper, was convened during 2012–2014 to develop a public health workforce taxonomy.