In Reply:

Orkin FK, Forte GJ, McGinnis SL, Peterson MD, Garfield JM, Katz JD, et al. In Reply. Anesthesiology. 118(6):1484-1485, June 2013.

The authors are gratified that Drs. Steinbrook and Weinstein have read their article in such a depth that they question as “most likely incorrect” the estimate for the mean retirement age (57.4 yr) among anesthesiologists retiring before 1985. Although Steinbrook and Weinstein’s conclusion appears valid—because no one older than 58 in 1985 would have been included in a 2006 survey of anesthesiologists aged 50–79 yr—the authors standby their estimate. A more detailed report, which the authors note is available at the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) Web site, can provide further documentation supporting the suspect estimate’s validity.