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Channel 6 News WRGB Albany 

A new study released by U-Albany’s Center for Workforce Health Studies (CWHS) takes a deep dive into the stressors registered nurses in hospitals are facing.

The study was conducted in collaboration with the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation, over 8 months over 50 hospital representatives and staff were interviewed.

Some of the key findings were burnout and workforce shortages continuing post-pandemic. “I don’t think we fully appreciated how challenging the work environment is for registered nurses in hospitals, things like patient acuity, and short staffing,” said Joan Moore, CWHS Director.

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City & State New York

A new report addressing challenges to statewide registered nursing recruitment and retention will be released at the Healthier Communities, Healthier People summit on Wednesday, hosted by the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation at the Museum of the City of New York and presented by City & State.

The study, prepared by Mother Cabrini in partnership with the University at Albany’s Center for Health Workforce Studies, will detail leading causes of nursing shortages and potential strategies to be implemented by New York state hospitals. Based on interviews and focus groups with chief nursing executives and human resource experts hailing from 60 hospitals, the analysis will identify the most promising solutions to address the shortage.

“This study is further evidence of the pervasive RN shortages and workplace culture challenges that are urgently impacting all aspects of health systems in New York – from staff experience and patient outcomes to the sustainability of hospitals,” said Jean Moore, director of the Center for Health Workforce Studies. “Conducting this research is necessary to identify key challenges and map out both short and long-term solutions that will support our RN workforce for years to come.”

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