Service Obligated Programs Database

Regents Loan Forgiveness Award Program

Summary:Regents Physician Loan Forgiveness Award Program is a service-obligated loan repayment program for primary care, internal medicine, emergency medicine, or psychiatric physicians who provide services in a Regents-designated shortage area or shortage facility.

Agency:New York State Education Department

Sponsor:New York State

Program Type:Loan Repayment

Length of Service:Two year commitment with an option for an additional two year commitment

Type of Designation Required:Regents defined shortage areas or facilities

Minimum HPSA Score Required:N/A

Place of Service Obligation:Eligible site(s) in Regents defined shortage areas or facilities.

Health Professionals Supported:Primary care physicians in family practice, pediatric, internal medicine, emergency medicine or obstetrics. Psychiatry is also considered primary care in certain State facilities.

Additional Information:Applicants cannot currently be a recipient of any of the Federal Loan Repayment Award programs.

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