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On this week’s 51%, our Associate Producer, Jody Cowan, speaks with physician and author Dr. Gail Gazelle about how healthcare workers can use mindfulness to combat burnout – and steady their own life in the wake of a stressed healthcare system…We also hear from researchers at the University at Albany’s Center for Health Workforce Studies about how service-obligated programs can help providers bridge the healthcare worker shortage across New York state.

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Attracting and retaining medical professionals is an ongoing issue leaving uneven access to health care services in many New York communities. But new research shows service-obligated providers, which are medical professionals receiving an incentive to work in underserved communities, appear to be making a difference.

“The patients need us to come here and do this work,” said Dr. Chelese Moore, of Whitney M. Young’s Dental Clinic, in Albany.

Moore was on a medical mission trip to the Dominican Republic where her journey to become a dentist blossomed.

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